Catalyst Xl Ultrasound System

Catalyst Ultrasound Systems

High Resolution 2D/3D Pelvic Floor Imaging

Why Choose the Catalyst Ultrasound

Halo’s Catalyst Ultrasound Systems offer 2D and 3D high-resolution multi-compartment (Endoanal, Transrectal, Endovaginal, and Transperineal) imaging for physicians treating pelvic floor disorders.

Easily customize a system that works for you by choosing from probes in 2D only or 2D/3D.   

Halo’s modern and innovative software guides clinicians through options at each stage for quick and easy ultrasound exams. The unique software and user interface is designed for pelvic floor specialists.  

Record and replay video files while capturing still images allows for the complete capture of a patient’s anatomy and provides flexibility in the exam sequence.  Capture, save, and replay 60-second video files, transforms the way ultrasound exams are performed and reviewed. 

Clinicians can replay videos post-exam, completing interpretation at their convenience. The software provides an excellent teaching tool for residency and fellowship programs.   

EMR Ready Reports mean no thermal prints! All data, images, measurements, and interpretation are auto-populated onto an exportable, HIPPA-compliant, EMR ready report.  Export options include a repository and direct HL7 Interface.   

Halo Catalyst Ultrasound Compact Trolley

Halo Ultrasound Systems

Halo’s innovative ultrasound systems are designed for pelvic floor specialists.

  • Laptop With Rectal Cancer Nobg

    Catalyst L Portable Ultrasound System

    The Catalyst L Ultrasound System is designed for users whose requirements are simpler and/or for those with budget restraints. Special orders only.
  • Halo Conventional Ultrasound Trolley Full

    Catalyst XL Conventional Ultrasound System

    The Catalyst XL Conventional Ultrasound System is designed for high volume exam environments and includes integrated probe holders and a large workspace.
  • Halo Catalyst Ultrasound Compact Trolley

    Catalyst XL Compact Ultrasound System

    The Catalyst XL Compact Ultrasound System is designed for exam environments tight on space and includes an integrated all-in-one PC.

EMR Connectivity

EZ-Reporter Auto-Generated Ultrasound Reports

Perform exams, mark/measure images, & document your interpretation. EZ-Reporter does the rest.

Standard Export Capabilities

No printing or scanning is required. The proprietary software has a pathway for exporting the PDF report to a destination “repository” of your choice.  

Once there, the user can move the record to other desired locations, such as the patient’s EMR, to email a referring physician or to other backup locations.

Advanced Export Capabilities – HL7 Interface

Provides direct integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and/or Hospital Information Systems (HIS) using open standards (HL7, FHIR) to automatically deliver reports in real time. 

Complete compliance with the latest privacy and information security best practices.

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