Transrectal Probe 360˚with Water Pathway 2D

Halo’s transrectal ultrasound probes are designed for colon and rectal specialists.

Transrectal Ultrasound Probe

Why Choose the Transrectal Probe 360˚with Water Pathway 2D

Halo’s Transrectal Ultrasound Probes are ideal for colon & rectal specialists.

The probe has both anterior and posterior markings for easy orientation. The 15 CM working length can be used for both endoanal and transrectal applications.

The built-in water pathway makes water balloon setup quick and effortless.

Transrectal Ultrasound Probe Features

  • 360˚ radial rotating crystal.  
  • 15 – 7.5 MHZ – adjustable depth and hertz.
  • Water pathway for rectal balloon infusion built into the probe.
  • Positional marks for Posterior (P) and Anterior (A)
  • 2D Imaging.

Transrectal Probe 360˚with Water Pathway 2D
System Specifications

TransducerHi-density, 360˚ radial rotating crystal, transrectal axial imaging.
LabelingPositional marks for Posterior (P) and Anterior (A). White safety band marks crystal location. 15 cm markings.
ApplicationAnal & Rectal imaging, including sphincter investigation, fistula, and cancers from the anal verge to 15 cm.
Default Frequency12 MHZ
Frequency Range15 – 7.5 MHZ
Scan depth2 – 5 cm
Focal Point3 cm
Probe Diameter20 mm
Weight300 gm

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Probes & Accessories

EMR Connectivity

EZ-Reporter Auto-Generated Ultrasound Reports

Perform exams, mark/measure images, & document your interpretation. EZ-Reporter does the rest.

Standard Export Capabilities

No printing or scanning is required. The proprietary software has a pathway for exporting the PDF report to a destination “repository” of your choice.  

Once there, the user can move the record to other desired locations, such as the patient’s EMR, to email a referring physician or to other backup locations.

Advanced Export Capabilities – HL7 Interface

Provides direct integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and/or Hospital Information Systems (HIS) using open standards (HL7, FHIR) to automatically deliver reports in real time. 

Complete compliance with the latest privacy and information security best practices.

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