Halo’s proctoscope allows ultrasound exams to be performed immediately following proctoscope exams.

Halo Proctoscope

Why Choose the Halo Proctoscope

When using ultrasound for rectal cancer staging and/or disease stage management, Halo offers a custom Proctoscope to visually identify lesions prior to an ultrasound exam.   

The proprietary proctoscope accommodates the Halo 20mm probe diameter, allowing an ultrasound exam to be performed immediately following the proctoscope exam.   

The proctoscope kit Includes an obturator, viewing window, insufflation port, and light carrier.  The kit comes standard with a Welch Allyn light post configuration; other configurations are available upon request.

Instructions for use can be found in our IFU Halo Transrectal Probes and Proctoscope Instructions for Use.  

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