Ultrasound Systems

Halo’s Catalyst Ultrasound Systems offer 2D and 3D high-resolution multi-compartment imaging for pelvic floor disorders.

Ultrasound Probes

Halo’s ultrasound probes are designed to help clinicians address a range of pelvic floor applications.


Resources for understanding how ultrasound can be used to identify a range of pelvic floor applications.

About Halo

Halo Medical Technologies was established by pelvic floor experts to bring a new era of thoughtful design to ultrasound technology. 

The breakthrough design arose out of input from an array of diverse experts in the field, combining the perspectives of clinical and engineering design professionals.   

Designed to be affordable, without compromise, for physicians treating all pelvic floor disorders. Halo’s ultrasound systems offer 2D and 3D high-resolution multi-compartment (Endoanal, Transrectal, Endovaginal, and Transperineal) imaging.

Indications include defection disorders, pelvic floor dysfunction, fistulas, benign and malignant disease, prolapse, sling detection & management, and dynamic ultrasound.

Atlas of Images

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Atlas of Images for Ultrasounds

Halo’s Atlas of Images

The Atlas is an online document available for educational purposes. Currently, it contains over 150 pages of diagrams, ultrasound images, videos, and explanations that will be a useful tool in your ultrasound practice.  

Halo’s Atlas of Images is the only document of its kind. It is the only publication containing a comprehensive library of pelvic floor imagery. The Atlas is updated on an ongoing basis through collaboration with practitioners, experts in the field, and Halo’s customers.