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High Density, 2D/3D Pelvic Floor Ultrasound Probes
Catalyst XL™ is the only pelvic floor ultrasound system that offers sophisticated, USB connector probes which are fully interchangeable in a single study. Proprietary Catalyst software lets you do a complete exam, using all three probes, save videos and images, and product one comprehensive report.

Halo's custom ultrasound probes offer a fully digital, B-mode ultrasound with 256 shades of gray. The exclusive Catalyst software uses the latest technology to produce high definition imaging which compares favorably to high priced, 3D ultrasound systems. Halo ultrasound probes are durable, and impervious to dust and dirt.

All probes come with a one-year warranty. Out of warranty, broken probes can be replaced through Halo's "Certified Pre-owned Replacement Program" at a fraction of the list price for a new probe.

From top to bottom:
   The HALO™ 360° Transrectal Probe with Infusion Channel
   The MidCrystl™ 360° Endoanal Probe
   The HALO™ 360° Endovaginal Probe
   The HALO™ 90° Transperineal/Abdominal Probe


MidCrystl Endoanal Probe Specifications