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Practice Support from HALO
HALO offers clinical in-service materials, patient information, questionnaires, and billing information to support your practice. In addition, HALO personnel are happy to offer assistance in whatever way possible to ensure quality ultrasound examinations and procedure reimbursement.

Endoanal, surface and endovaginal ultrasound coding information

The Catalyst XL™ and Catalyst Envoy™ Systems feature built-in "pop-up" windows with selections for common symptoms and diagnostic codes. Checking the appropriate boxes will automatically send this information to a table in the patient report. All Catalyst systems offer an additional text box for noting additional information about the patient's condition for the patient report. Information can be added, modified, or deleted at any time.

These selections, along with the medical coding information and Medicare reimbursement are available on the Catalyst Indications and Coding flyer.

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Clinical education

We understand that endoanal ultrasound may be a new procedure for your staff. Every CATALYST System comes with a 20-minute video educational program, divided into 17 chapters for quick reference. In addition, each system is supplied with an extensive User Manual which includes over 100 screen shots depicting each product feature. Downloads are available in the "Customer Corner," and hard copy versions are available at no cost for customers.

Customers can also take advantage of a self-scoring tutorial for interpreting endoanal ultrasound images, located in the "Customer Corner." We will continue to build on this tutorial with new images for helping to differentiate different conditions and anal canal defects.

Patient brochures for your lobby

You can't help patients who don't ask! HALO offers an attractive patient brochure, "Bowel Control Problems? There's Help." for your lobby to encourage pateints to share embarrassing symptoms. Quantities of the printed brochure ar available at no cost for customers. Call of e-mail HALO for a sample brochure, or download electronic versions here:

Bowel control problems, tri-fold brochure >

Bowel control problems, two-sided flyer >

You can also refer patients to our Public Information page on Bowel Control Problems and Endoanal Ultrasound at www.halomedtech.com/public

Patient questionnaires

Download these validated questionnaires to use in your practice:

Pelvic Floor Distress Inventory (PFDI) >

Wexner Score >

Pelvic Floor Inventory Questionnaire >

Technical support

HALO customers can count on HALO to assist with any issues related to use of HALO products and services. Each Catalyst system comes with "LogMeIn" software installed on the hard drive, for remote service or software updates. Call or e-mail HALO with any question or concern, and we'll do whatever possible to help.

In addition, please ask about HALO's generous warranty and service policy, including the "Certified Pre-Owned Replacement Program" for out-of-warranty broken ultrasound probe replacement.


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