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The CATALYST — Affordable, High Resolution Transrectal/Pelvic Floor Ultrasound

The Catalyst system is the only high-quality ultrasound system offering complete pelvic floor assessment, in one study and one comprehensive report, at an affordable price.

  • Unique and Customized software provides for a quick and easy exam with customized preset labels, measurements and observations. 
  • Video recording feature allows complete post-processing at a convenient time
  • Flexibility in exam sequence maximizes staff time and efficiency
  • High density, radial rotating crystal for accurate imaging of anatomy and defects
  • Proprietary software interface designed specifically for Transrectal and Pelvic Floor investigation
  • Auto-generated, EMR ready reports include data and observation tables for each probe

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A quick demonstration of the Halo Ultrasound System; including software functions, images and reporting.

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EMR Ready Report

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  • All patient data, measurements, observations and impressions are auto-populated onto a PDF report


  • Reports can be exported to EMR or other destinations via our proprietary software export pathway

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