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Halo Medical Technologies Commits to Partnering with Clinicians

Halo Medical is committed to Clinical Education and partnering with industry to provide educational materials of the highest quality.  We have created pieces like the Educational Cloud, Atlas of Ultrasound Images as well as a number of practice tools and handouts to educate and support our customers.

Halo Medical hopes that you will benefit from the educational pieces we have created, as well as find the links to studies and papers that we have provided on this site useful to your ultrasound experience.  

Atlas of Transrectal and Endoanal Ultrasound Images

The Atlas of Transrectal and Endoanal images is a collaborative effort featuring images and videos collected using the Catalyst Ultrasound system from Halo Medical Technologies. This atlas is a useful teaching tool as well as an invaluable reference tool to be used in your ultrasound practice.  

Atlas of Images >

Ultrasound Image Examples

Normal Female Transperineal Ultrasound, ARA = Ano-rectal angle

Normal Female Transperineal Ultrasound, ARA = Ano-rectal angle

HALO Medical Technologies Pelvic Floor Ultrasound
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