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About Us

Mission Statement

Halo Medical Technologies leads the world in the design of next generation medical ultrasound systems for specialist physicians treating pelvic floor disorders. Our intelligent and efficient tools enable more reliable diagnosis right at the doctor's office and automatically generates precise, comprehensive and EMR-ready reports. We aim to create new possibilities for patients suffering from debilitating quality-of-life conditions by supplying never-before-available, accurate, accessible and affordable diagnostics at the patient’s local point-of-service.

Our Past

  • HALO Medical Technologies was incorporated in 2012 with this mission: to provide high quality, affordable, imaging to pelvic floor practitioners, facilitating patient access to new, successful treatments for embarrassing, quality of life conditions.
  • The HALO Catalyst™ was born, with the notion of "Creating Possibilities" for both the medical practitioner and his or her patients.
  • The product offering soon expanded into a fully functional, multicompartmental imaging system, with fully interchangeable probes for a convenient, thorough, and time-saving pelvic floor ultrasound exam.

Our Present

  • To complete the foundational product for colon and rectal surgeons, HALO now offers a unique transrectal probe with infusion port along with the necessary equipment and accessories for comprehensive rectal cancer staging.
  • In 2016, HALO launched the first and only, electronic Atlas of Transrectal and Endoanal Images — a collaborative, ongoing effort to provide high quality, reference ultrasound images for practitioners. This publication includes images and videos of anal and rectal conditions, and will expand with contributions from around the world. http://atlas.halomedtech.com/HaloAtlas.pdf
  • On this website, practice support via clinical educational videos, journal article reprints, patient questionnaires and lobby brochures, and ultrasound image reviews are offered. When a practitioner purchases an ultrasound system from HALO, he or she is provided with unequaled service, support and system upgrades.
  • For complex anatomical images, Halo has introduced a practical 3D visualization module as an extension of the transducer and software capabilities. Keeping the promise of providing affordable ultrasound, this 3D module costs less than an additional probe from the leading high-end competitor.

Our Future

We, at Halo Medical remain committed to improving the lives of patients with debilitating conditions caused by Pelvic Floor Disorders. Please help us to continue to improve our product offerings and processes by providing responses to this brief 2 minute Pelvic Floor Practice Parameters survey. 

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